The Avalanche public blockchain is an internet-based distributed ledger and computing platform composed of many different and evolving components contributed by a wide variety of participants. Avalanche continues to grow and change through the efforts of its community. 

The Avalanche Foundation (“Avalanche Foundation,” “we” and “our”) is an active member of that community, both directly and indirectly, through its grant, seed and investment programs as well as various service providers including Ava Labs and its subsidiaries. We contribute to the continuing development, implementation, and maintenance of Avalanche and the Avalanche community by funding, publicizing and otherwise encouraging the following, among other things: 

The Avalanche Foundation is nonprofit, but some of our activities may generate revenue or investment returns, which are reinvested in the Avalanche community overall and used to pay our service providers. We, as well as our employees and other people and organizations associated with us, may give, receive, lend, borrow, purchase, and sell AVAX tokens and various other cryptoassets (whether fungible or nonfungible tokens) created on or associated with the Avalanche public blockchain and the smart contracts and dApps that run on Avalanche. Such transactions and transfers may occur as private sales, and in open market transactions, and/or through DeFi protocols and other means. We may offer or receive preferential pricing in certain transactions, usually based on volume.

All of the above software, content and activities are referred to in this Notice as our “Software, Content, and Activities.” Sometimes we are paid in connection with our Software, Content, and Activities, while other times we are not. 

First, the legalese: 

Unless specified otherwise, Avalanche Foundation makes no representation, warranty, guarantee, or undertaking in respect of the Avalanche public blockchain or any of our Software, Content, and Activities, whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of compliance, accuracy, reliability, validity, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, quality, availability, durability, and noninfringement, or as to any of it being uninterrupted, error free, free of harmful components, or secure. Neither Avalanche Foundation nor its service providers is liable for or in connection with any actions, proceedings, claims, damages, expenses or other liabilities, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, related to or in connection with the Avalanche public blockchain or our Software, Content, and Activities or the use or other dealings in or with any of them or reliance thereon. 

To avoid confusion on the part of those interacting with us, we want the general public to understand the following:

software or smart contracts that are part of the blockchain or to admit users. Avalanche Foundation has no greater inherent power than any other participant to add to, alter, or otherwise interfere with the public blockchain. We do not control it or have the ability to change data, transfers or anything else recorded to the blockchain. The same holds true for any subnets and side chains.