Tools 4 Tape - tape testing utilities

Tools '4' Tape

Tools'4'Tape is the first diagnostic/utilities tool for tape users developed independently of media and tape drive manufacturers. With its simple to use interface and easy to expand base coding, customization is very cost effective allowing your specific needs to be met.

If you need high-volume, sophisticated tape testing, please consider Tapewise, an application used worldwide by large data centres and tape manufacturers.

Tools'4'Tape: Available plugins:

  • Health Check - check the reliability of your tapes/drives
  • Library automation - use Tools'4'Tape with a tape library
  • Security Erase - make sure tapes are unreadable before they are disposed of
  • Tool set - A selection of basic tools that allow you to perform basic tasks with your tape drive or media
Presently Tools'4'Tape is a Windows only application, however we are looking in to developing other versions of this.

Support is free for the first year. After this you will be given the option to renew your support (including free upgrades) for the following year.

Currently there is NO support for pre Windows 2000 operating systems. 

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Avax also offers devices to physically clean and inspect tapes and tape cartridges to ensure optimum performance.

For more more information on our standalone LTO cartridge tester, please click here.  For information on our tape cleaning units, please click here

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