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Tapewise tape testing and certification
(For lower volume tape testing and security erase software, please also see our Tools'4'Tape product).


So you've backed up your data - BUT can you read it?

With modern tape media storing close to 1TB (uncompressed) on a single cartridge, Data centre managers and Backup administrators are rightly concerned about the restoration of their data and the quality of their tapes.

Tape media quality and efficiency have become an important factor in data management.

Do you know the quality and efficiency of the tape media you use?

This question applies to ALL types of media.

Tapewise has been designed from the start to form part of your tape media maintenance program. It helps to identify and eliminate underperforming media, by enabling the administrator or operator to incorporate pre-media qualification (on new media) and post-media qualification (media within the current media pool). This allows you to identify media that exceeds the data centres pre-defined error threshold levels, and remove it before it causes a catastrophic error at a later date.

After identification of the failed media Tapewise offers you the ability to make an identical copy for replacement.

Tapewise also offers a full spectrum of tape utilities such as Copying, Initialisation/Labelling, Erasing, Duplication, Validation, Retention...these are all accompanied by full media logs so that the operator knows the quality and status of the tape used.

Do you or have you :
  • Copied a tape for a client, only to find they could not read it due to errors?
  • Found you are having regular failures due to media related quality issues?
  • Need to copy data onto other tape media formats?
  • Need to duplicate data to send to lots of clients?
  • Need to label tapes to add to your media pool?
Then don't delay see what we can do for you NOW...

Tapewise is a software suite for storage media quality assessment and management, including error reporting, initialisation, duplication, conversion and erasure. Tapewise runs under Windows, and is probably the fastest application of its type available today. Using a standard PC, it is capable of streaming two IBM 3590 drives at 9Mb/ s simultaneously, while only using 30% of the processor's capacity.

Originally created in 1993, and used by a number of the world's leading media manufacturers, the application has been completely updated to take advantage of the Windows 32-bit operating systems.

Tapewise can handle a wide range of storage devices, and the system includes library and autoloader control, which uses a common interface (Slot Configuration) for all types; this eliminates confusion and avoids the need to become familiar with a variety of different control screens.

Tapewise runs on a PC-based open architecture SCSI platform running Windows. This structure provides for additional drives to be added when required, and enables new tape technologies to be incorporated as they become available. It is capable of running up to four controllers with 15 devices per controller (although the scsi bus would be overloaded!). The system allows multiple operations to run simultaneously; for example, a write test may be performed on one drive and at the same time a copy task may be run on two other drives. We believe that Tapewise is one of the fastest applications of its type available today.

  • Off-line (standalone)
  • Media quality monitored on every task - even at high speed
  • All quality results logged into a database
  • Integral report generation and graphing for analysis of media quality
  • Library support for up to 6 drives and 600 media slots
  • Controls multiple devices and SCSI cards automatically
  • No device drivers are required - any supported device can be added instantly
  • New storage technologies are incorporated as soon as they appear
  • Full multi-tasking means virtually no compromise on speed**
  • Multiple tasks can be stacked and left to run
  • Simple to use GUI interface
  • High speed copying / comparison
** Speed limited by SCSI bus data rate.

BASIC FEATURES (Some features are not be available on all versions of Tapewise)

READ TEST: Performs non-destructive read and reports error activity; used to check the quality and security of stored data.

WRITE TEST: Emulates mainframe operation by writing to and reading from media, and reports on error activity to indicate quality of media. Allows user to confirm the quality of new or used tapes.

INITIALISATION: Writes Vol ID (header) in any available format, enabling user to perform off-line labelling.
COPY: Bit-for-bit copy from one media to any other; used to replace unreliable media, or to prepare data for secure storage offsite.

COPY FIXED: Faster version of Copy for data stored with a fixed block size; ideal for seismic data and PC backups.

COMPARE: Bit-for-bit comparison between media; used for auditing and to verify integrity of copied media.

Duplicate: Similar function to Copy, but allows up to six copies to be made in one operation.

STACK/SPAN: (For standard labels and seismic data only). Copies a multi-volume single file backup on to a single volume, e.g. 3480 * 4 to 3490 (or vice versa). Stacked/ spanned data is fully usable by your operating system.

VIEW: On-screen display of data, with various conversion options available.

ERASE: Ensures sensitive data cannot subsequently be recovered from media.

RE-TENSION: Exercises tape media to ensure tape does not stick to itself if left unused for a period of time.

DATABASE VIEW: Displays records of statistical media quality data generated by each operation.

DATABASE REPORTS: Enables you to create your own management and media quality reports.

DATABASE GRAPHS: Display graphs of media quality


It doesn't matter if you want just a the basic software for tape quallification or a full blown offline utility application. Start off with our base product and you can upgrade as and when you need too!

  • Bronze: Our most basic software, want to do basic tape qualifiying or copying then this is the product for you!
  • Silver: All the features of Bronze plus labeling, validation, and access to the full database!
  • Gold: For the data-centre who wants everything and more! Connect up your libraries while they are not in use and qualify your media to ensure error free disaster recovery!
High speed multitasking engine
Media error logs on all tasks
TEM© Technology
BUS IO performance monitoring
Read evaluation test (non destructive)
Write evaluation test (destructive)
Label / Initialise
Add Filemark
Dump / View
Copy fixed
Stack / Span
Label designer
Label printing
Task report
Event logs
Media move
Database View
Database reporting
Database graphing
Software tape VolID protection
Queue tasks
AL/Libr support (up to 19 slots)
Library support (up to 99 slots)
Library support (up to 599 slots)
SCSI cards supported
Tape devices supported

Download a copy of the Tapewise Data Sheet in pdf format  

To download an evaluation copy of Tapewise - please click here


Avax also offers devices to physically clean and inspect tapes and tape cartridges to ensure optimum performance.

For more more information on our standalone LTO cartridge tester, please click here.  For information on our tape cleaning units, please click here

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