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Tape Duplication Systems  / Tape Duplicators

Avax has been supplying reliable standalone tape copy systems for many years.  Whether you want to copy LTO, DLT, AIT or almost any other tape, talk to your Avax sales representative and let us solve your problems.

SecureCopy3 Encrypting copier
PCTOWER copystation
PV1 Range
Tower Copystation
Autoloader Copystation


The SecureCopy3 system offers a fast, efficient and straightforward means of converting an existing stock of unencrypted archive tapes to a secure archive without the need for any system connection.
  • Simple high speed encrypted copy solution
  • AES 256 EncryptionSecureCopy3 tape duplicator
  • Secure your archive tapes in situ; no host required
  • Available with or without drives
  • Management via supplied PC
  • Copy, Copy & Verify and Verify only options
  • Can also copy without encryption
  • Compatible with Paranoia3 in-line SCSI and FC encryption units

The SecureCopy3 system offers a fast, efficient and straightforward means of converting an existing stock of unencrypted archive tapes to a secure archive without the need for any system connection.

The SecureCopy3 can also be used for off- line encryption of tapes from multiple systems, to allow them to be shipped off- site to a DR facility. Tapes can then be restored using either another SecureCopy3 unit, or direct to a system using Paranoia3 units.

The SecureCopy3 offers a complete stand-alone solution to allow users a simple and fast way to convert an archive of tapes including SDLT, LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5 tapes to be converted to secure encrypted tapes. SecureCopy3 is fully compatible with the Paranoia3 units, so allowing tapes stored in an off-site vault to be converted in-situ, rather than taking the risk of transporting unencrypted tapes.

SecureCopy3 can also be used to convert between different types of media, i.e. connect a SDLT as input and LTO4 as output to enable a complete refresh of media to encrypted tapes.

The SecureCopy3 system requires no reconfiguration to handle different formats of tape media from varying software packages and simply converts block- for- block, as well as handling the encryption and compression.

For ease of use the source tapes must be write protected before the copy is enabled, ensuring a simple operation without the chance of accidentally overwriting the source tape.

The SecureCopy3 comes complete with all necessary configuration software, which simplifies and controls the operation, as well as offering certain audit trails to be printed. The design ensures that only write protected tapes are considered as the source.

For more information on the SecureCopy3 system, please download a copy of the datasheet.


The Avax Tape CopyStation is designed to produce exact copies from a single source (Master) tape, to a single target (Slave) tape. Copy data rates of up to 50 Gb/hr are possible. The Drives may be LTO, (S)DLT, AIT, etc or any mix of these.
PC Based LTO Tower CopystationTower copystation
The unit is based on a standard ATX PC motherboard running dedicated software and using PCI SCSI tape adapters.

The motherboard is  mounted in a standard PC tower cabinet. A monitor and keyboard can be attached to the CopyStation for standalone operation.

Alternatively, the unit can be connected to the local intranet, and by using Remote Desktop can be operated from any screen on the network.

For more information on the PCTower Copystation, please download a copy of the datasheet.


Tape Duplication Product Range

The copier's SCSI controller can make block by block copies of any format of tape in a variety of ways. Because it is a stand-alone device the copying process is much more efficient than using software on a computer system and does not require a high value operator

Tape duplication is a simple task with an Off-Line Copy Station. Copies for Disaster Recovery or Distribution can be achieved on a wide range of tape technologies using the front panel display provided.

Off-Line Copy Station Features:
Copy, Copy and Verify, Verify and Display Drives.

Display Features:

  • Pass or Fail Results, Remaining Tape Capacity, Compression Ratio, Transfer Rate and Error Detection.
  • Units are available for 1-6 Slave drives.
  • Low cost tape duplication system
  • Rated at 10MB/sec
  • No data from the tape being copied is retained within the unit (block-by-block copy), making these copiers ideal for use in high security locations


Towers are stand-alone units for producing multiple copies of the same tape. Any format of drive can be accommodated, with one master drive and one or more copy drives for concurrent operation.

Models available: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6.


The PV controller converts a two drive library/autoloader to produce multiple single copies at high speed. It partitions the slots of the library and operates the robotics to load each cartridge in turn. Master tapes are loaded on one side while blank tapes are loaded on the other and the copier will step through the tapes automatically. The operation is very simple and is perfect for unattended operation.

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