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PARANOIA2 In-line Tape Encryption Unit

IBM System Storage Proven


The Paranoia2 data encryption unit builds on the technology of the original Paranoia unit to provide even more secure encryption, combined with the much higher throughput that is required by today's higher speed tape drives.  Paranoia is the easiest way of providing encrypted backup for any platform.
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Paranoia2 is a hardware unit designed to encrypt / decrypt data on the fly between a host system and a high speed SCSI tape drive. Paranoia2 provides an unique interlaced DES level 3 data encryption, where the data is split into two streams and each stream is encrypted separately using user unique 56 bit encryption blocks to provide 72,000,000,000,000,000 possible keys for each stream! The two streams of encrypted data are merged before the data is written to tape. The unit is designed to provide a high level of data security for tape data in vaulted storage or when it a shared tape silo application. It is designed for use in an unattended backup environment. Where large amounts of data need to be physically transferred between sites, two Paranoia2 units are used to ensure the data security while the tapes are in transit.

The Paranoia2 consists of a small desk top or rack mount enclosure with a LCD status display and auto sensing power supply. The Paranoia2 has two fast wide differential or Low Voltage Differential SCSI interfaces, one connects to the host system and one to the target tape drive. At power up the unit auto detects the SCSI ID of the tape drive and automatically sets its own ID to the same address. This ensure that installation in an existing configuration is simple and straightforward.

At installation the unit is in pass through or non secure condition which allows the user to test the tape drive in order to check that all cables and configurations are correct. The user then first sets his access password from the GUI Windows program supplied and then sets and enters his encryption keys. The keys are used with the unit's own two unique key chips to produce the encryption required. The use of the double keys ensures that even if the user encryption keys are known by another Paranoia user, they would still be unable to decrypt the tapes.

Iron Mountain Admits Tape Loss, Recommends Encryption
By Paul Shread - April 22, 2005

People's Bank Informs Personal Credit Line Customers of Lost Tape Containing Confidential Information
January 11, 2006

B.C. loses track of computer tapes with citizens' data
September 20, 2006

Data loss can be expensive!  For a handy calculator to see what a data loss could cost your company, please see


Bob Cozzi on Data LossSecure storage of sensitive data within a shared library Secure data for tapes sent to off site storage Secure transit of sensitive data between remote sites Protection of patient information when medical records must be transferred or backed up on tape.

  • Fast wide differential or Single Ended SCSI interfaces
  • Uses unique double triple DES encryption method
  • Backwards read compatible with original Paranoia
  • Transparent to operating system
  • Auto selects the ID of existing tape drive
  • Front panel LCD Status display
  • No special software drivers required
  • High speed encryption
Encryption method Dual-DES & Dual-DES3
Interface Ultra Fast wide SCSI LVD, S/E or HVD (differential)
Connectors 2 x 68 way micro D (SCSI)
Max data rate 80 Mbytes/sec
Sustained data rate 74 Mbytes/sec
Configuration Windows GUI or serial terminal
Enclosure Tack mount or table top
Power 90-260 vac
Termination Internal
Size (mm) Desk top Type 25 36 cm(D), 44 cm (W), 10 cm (H); Rack mount 36 cm (D), 48.5 cm (W), 9 cm (H)
  Desk top Type 25 36 cm(D), 44 cm (W), 10 cm (H);

Download the The Paranoia2 data encryption unit Data Sheet
in Adobe Acrobat® format (110kb)

Download Acrobat Reader

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Download a Power Point presentation about Paranoia data encryption.


The whole PARANOIA Family of Hardware Tape Encryption Units

The Paranoia Network Option

Optional adapter to allow Paranoia2, ParanoiaFF and SafeTape units to be monitored and controlled from a central managaement console.

Download the Paranoia Network Option Data Sheet

The iCard and iSecure Key Management Packages for Paranoia and Safe Tape (Windows Based).

Download the iSecure and iCard data sheet.

iCard: Security Management Package includes:

  • Standard Windows based software and hardware
  • personalized smart cards with varying access levels to all functions for any or all sites.
  • PIN number entry activation of smart card
iSecure: Operations Management Package includes:
  • GUI and hardware to control Paranoia and Safe Tape units

Paranoia products are available directly from Avax, or from the following resellers:

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