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(For disk-based backup solutions, please see our Backup Appliance page.  For Flash Disk based Magneto/Optical (MO) replacement, please see our MO_Replacement page) Virtual tape with Compact Flash card

FlashTape Virtual Tape drive - the 'tapeless' tape drive

The Avax FlashTape Virtual Tape drive is a magnetic tape drive alternative - an electronic unit that appears to the host system as a legacy tape drive, but stores data to industry standard Compact Flash (CF) cards.


Many legacy tape drives are no longer manufactured and tape repair houses are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain spare parts.

Some applications are written to only operate with a specific type of tape drive, which creates a problem when the drive fails and cannot be repaired.  

The Avax FlashTape is a small stand-alone unit that offers an easy alternative by providing tape drive emulation of a variety of legacy tape drives giving a plug & play option with the applications that require them.   Whether you need a DAT replacement, 8mm relacement, 1/4" tape replacement or a 1/2" reel-to-reel replacement, the FlashTape is 'plug and play'!


  • SCSI or Pertec interface Tape Drive Emulation using Flash Disk as tape.
  • Emulates 3490E, IBM3590, DLT4000 DAT, 8MM, AIT, QIC and 9 track SCSI tape drives.  Other emulations are possible - check with your Avax sales representative.
  • Pertec FlashTape is a direct replacement for 1/2" tape units using the Pertec interface.
  • Supports Compact Flash, XD, MMC, Microdrive, Memory Stick or SD card (via suitable PCMCIA adapter).Internal mount FlashTape
  • Zero tape positioning times – useful for quick file positioning when reading the “tape”.
  • Removable media can be treated as a single tape
  • Disks are solid state Compact Flash cards(see image at right) — providing rugged and readily available media.
  • Eliminates problems of slow backups shoe-shining the tape drive, which eventually leads to failures.
  • Can be dual-ported so that two or more Hosts can share the unit.
  • The disk itself can also be saved back to a regular tape drive in an off-line fashion.— simply connect the tape drive and select this function in the menu (with optional display).
  • Simple Plug & Play installation
  • A small, lightweight alternative to a real tape drive.
  • Optional  front panel LCD display shows current drive activity

Download the SCSI FlashTape drive data sheet  or the Pertec Interface FlashTape Data Sheet in Adobe Acrobat® format.

Download Acrobat Reader


Pertec 1/2" Emulator to CF

Easily replace a legacy reel-to-reel tape drive with a compact unit that uses readily available Flash Cards as the input/output medium.  

Replace 1/2"tape with compact flash cards

The Pertec Flash Tape is the simple way to retire that bulky legacy reel-to-reel tape drive without the need to re-write the custom software that runs it!  The Flash Tape unit has the same Pertec interface that is used on your old tape drive, so it is a simple "Plug & Play" replacement - except, of course, you no longer need those bulky and increasingly hard to get tape reels.  Just readily available and inexpensive flash cards.

Pertec interface flash tapePertec Flash Tape is available in table top or rack mount configurations.

Supports Compact Flash, XD, MMC, Microdrive, Memory Stick or SD card (via suitable PCMCIA adapter).

For more information on the Pertec Flash Tape, please download a copy of the data sheet.

Download Acrobat Reader


The  DS-1000 (Magnetic Tape Emulator) and DS-2000 (Data Server) systems are a direct replacement for 1/2" and DAT tape drives. The MTE units are compatible with systems that use either Pertec or SCSI connection to the host.

Systems that currently log to magnetic tape, or require input from legacy tape drives can now use the Magnetic Tape Emulator and either write the data to CD/DVD or transmit it over intranet/internet for remote collection.

Model DS-1000 is for general applications and model DS-2000 is intended for telecom switches. A DS1000 unit has recently been successfully installed to replace a Kennedy 9100 as the data logger on a Siemens-Westinghouse WDPF system at a power generator, as well as replacing magnetic tape inputs on Scitex 3000 pre-press units and on various machine tools.

The DS2000 Data Server has been fully tested on the following telephone switches:

Alcatel System 12, Alcatel E10, NEC Neax61E/K, Neax Sigma, Lucent 5ESS 3B20, Lucent 5ESS B21, Siemens EWSD, Ericsson AXE10, Fujitsu F150, Nortel DMS100, Nortel DMS10, NEC NEAX61E.
NOTE: If your switch is not on the above list, please contact us as switches are being added almost continuously.

If you require a tape emulation unit for a Telco switch other than those listed above, we will be happy to discuss what needs to be done to make the product work for you.

For more information:

   -   Read more about Telecom Solutions .
   -   Download the DS-1000 Magnetic Tape Emulator data sheet in Adobe Acrobat® format.
   -   Download the DS-2000 Data Server data sheet in Adobe Acrobat® format.
Download a copy of a DS-1000 case study (DS-1000 on high speed printer)

Download Acrobat Reader

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