There are two kinds of computer users...those who have had a system crash, and those who are going to.

Avax International specializes in  tape backup systemsmagnetic tape emulation, magneto-optical emulation, disk-to-disk backup appliances WAN acceleration SCSI switches , tape duplicators / tape copiers and high security backup encryption for almost any platform. 

We offer tape drives and tape libraries in all popular tape formats (including 1/4",4mm, 8mm, AIT, DLT, LTO,   1/2", 3480, 3490 and 3590 ) plus tape emulators/tape alternatives for situations where you need to replace a legacy tape drive.  We also offer software to test/certify your tapes so you can spot problems before they occur, plus devices to physically clean and examine your tapes.

If you need to connect a SCSI device to a fibre or iSCSI network, we have fibre to SCSI bridges, and iSCSI to SCSI bridgesiSCSI to Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) bridges (NOW AVAILABLE WITH 10Gbe iSCSI and 6Gb SAS) and Fibre Channel to SAS. We even have fibre to SCSI and iSCSI to SAS in one unit

If you need to connect a legacy SCSI system to a fibre or iSCSI network, we have SCSI to fibre and SCSI to iSCSI bridges.  And if you want to connect a SCSI host to an SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) device, we have SCSI to SAS bridges.

Need to share your fibre channel devices with an iSCSI network?  We now have iSCSI to Fibre Channel bridges available.  Or if you need to add iSCSI to a fibre network, we have Fibre Channel to iSCSI.

If you need to transfer large amounts of data across vast distances, Avax offers AI driven high performance remote storage optimization units (SANSlide) that can effectively remove the effects of latency!  Real life application - 50GB across USA over an  OC12 link - backup time reduced from 12 hours to 45 minutes.

Watch a demonstration of SANSlide in action

 Remote backup / remote storage optimized by artificial intelligence

Hard Drive Destroyer      iSCSI Bridge

Disk-to-disk and disk-to-disk-to-tape backup appliances for almost any network.      2 gigabit rack mountable fibre SCSI bridge with 2 ultra 169 SCSI ports for under $4000 US

Paranoia 3 - Simple to implement high security DES or AES encryption for tape drives on any system.     IBM System Storage Proven

Plug and Play Repalcement for 1/2 inch magnetic tape drives with Pertec or SCSI interface.      

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