SCSI to iSCSI Bridges (SCSI to Ethernet)

SE1100 and SE4200

Easily connect SCSI to iSCSI

The new SE1100 and SE4200 SCSI to iSCSI bridges replace the previous generation iSCSIConnect unit.  These two models  enable SCSI based Servers to connect to iSCSI enabled storage devices over a standard ethernet network. Many legacy Servers installed and employed in day-to-day work are unable to support the iSCSI protocol due to either the cost of  upgrade the server hardware and/or the Operating System.  This means that they cannot benefit from the many advantages that iSCSI brings -just the flexibility to increase the distance between the Server and the devices and the ability to share devices between Servers underline the usefulness of moving  to iSCSI.

With iSCSI Connect it is now possible to connect these SCSI based server to a iSCSI based network in a simple cost effective way. By placing the iSCSI- Connect device between the SCSI interface and the iSCSI network legacy servers can enjoy the benefits of iSCSI without any changes to the hardware, operating system or applications.   SCSI to iSCSI made easy!

Simply Plug n' Play

The plug n' play iSCSI connect is extremely easy to implement and use. The web based in-band GUI ensures users trouble free operation and configuration. 

Long Distance SCSI

For those users who wish to retain their SCSI storage devices but wish to distance these away from the Server for security reasons, have in the past only been able to achieve this by using dedicated devices linked by Fibre Optic cables. But now, by combining one of the SCSI to iSCSI  bridges in combination with an ES2400 or one or more ES1100 iSCSI to SCSI bridges, it is now possible to achieve the remote operation of peripherals over an standard Ethernet infrastructure, or even broadband links.

  • Maximum return on existing investment.
  • Ease of implementation.
  • Detailed GUI.

Host Port:
SE1100 -1 GigabitEthernet Port;  auto negotiation for 10Mb and 100Mb networks
SE4200 - 2 x GigabitEthernet Port; auto negotiation for 10Mb and 100Mb networks

Slave Ports:
SE1100 - 1 x LVD/SE : Auto sensing SCSI Ultra 160; maximum transfer rate 160MB/sec Connectors
SE4200 - 4 x LVD/SE : Auto sensing SCSI Ultra 160; maximum transfer rate 160MB/sec Connectors

Gbe : RJ45
SCSI: 68-way HDC
Electrical - Enclosure

Voltage: 110-230V AC
Power Cons: 8W (max)

For iSCSI to SCSI solutions, please see our Potomac iSCSI bridge

Download the SE1100 or SE4200 data sheets in Adobe Acrobat® format.

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