Encrypting your backup

Adding encryption to your backup strategy

Hardly a week goes by without some story in the news about a company leaking important data through loss of their backup tapes. Whether it is through malicious theft, opportunistic snatching, or accidental misplacement, there is a huge cost to a business when data is lost. When the data contains sensitive information about members of the public, possibly including bank account and credit card numbers, the cost can be severe indeed. Simply the stigma of having to notify clients that you've lost their data is extremely damaging.  

Obviously the answer is to encrypt the backup - an encrypted backup is a secure backup.  With the tape securely encrypted, a lost tape becomes an inconvenience rather than a disaster.

On the other hand, the last thing you need is to add complex backup procedures to encrypt the tape.  You can encrypt the backup using software, but that can put an immense load on to the backup server and severely impact he time taken to do the backup and restore.  You also need to keep in mind the potential complexity of  managing encryption.

Fortunately, Avax offers hardware solutions that allow you to easily encrypt (and decrypt) your data without adding that additional overhead.

Encryption Appliance

The simplest solution is to add an encryption appliance (in-line encryption) between the backup server and the tape backup device.Paranoia tape encryption unit

The Paranoia family of encryption appliances offers a simple to implement, but very secure means of adding encryption to any tape drive or library.  Paranoia units work with any tape drive or operating system and are completely transparent to the existing hardware and software.  No changes are required to your current backup.

For more information on the Paranoia family of tape encryption devices, please click here

Disk-to-disk backup appliance with encryptionEncrypted didk-to-disk backup appliance

The DPU family of high performance disk-to-disk backup appliances are offered with AES 256 encryption.  The data is fully encrypted before it is written to disk, so that if the data is later transferred off-site (removable disk, electronically 'vaulted' to a remote location or written to tape for archiving), the data is fully secure.

Encryption is standard on the latest DPU 7 series and offered as optional on other units.

For more information on the DPU family of backup appliances and the DPV family of data vaults, please click here

BlueScale encryption

Tape Library with built-in encryption

Avax offers a family of tape libraries for everything from a local department to an entire enterprise that include secure, easy to manage AES encryption built right in to the library.

Starting with the T50E which starts with one LTO4 tape drive and 10 slots and can be expanded on-site all the way up to 50 slots and 4 drives, we can go all the way to the T950 which is capable of  supporting up to 120 drives and 6150 slots!

For more information on BlueScale encryption, please click here.

Encrypted tape driveSafeTape encrypted tape drive

If you just need encrypted backup on one drive - Avax offers standalone tape drives with built-in hardware encryption.

The SafeTapeTM  family of "Plug & Play" encrypted tape drives is the quickest and easiest way to add encryption (and peace of mind!) to your backup.

For more information on SafeTapeTM encrypted tape drives, please click here

For more information on any Avax product, please call your sales representative or complete the enquiry form and we will be happy to assist you.

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