Compaq / Tandem Solutions

Every feature to be found on a genuine Compaq / Tandem Tape Solution can be found on an Avax subsystem, giving plug and play with Tandem's NonStop Kernel operating system and full compatibility with the Himalaya S- and K- series.

Now it is even easier to upgrade your Tape solutions from K-Series to S-Series.

Controllers Supported:
3214, 3216, MFC

Tape Emulation:
5170, 5190, 5194, 5141, 5145

Single Drive

Each unit has an easy to understand display and is available in either black or white.   No software or set-up is required. Once it is plugged in, the unit is ready.

Dual Drive

With a Dual Drive unit Tape Mirroring, Cascading, Autoswitching and Off-Line Copy features are all selectable options from the informative front panel.

Partitioned AIT

Our unique multi-partitioned AIT tape feature is ideal for TMF dumps.  Up to 64 equal partitions can be formatted onto a single cartridge, the cartridge will then be available to store up to 64 TMF dumps.  If partitions are not required a fast unattended backup is available by using an unformatted cartridge

  • High Capacity.
  • Fast access to data for restore.
  • K- and S- Series compatibility.
  • Efficient use of cartridge for many small backups..


Many Libraries with different tape technologies are available.

Please see for the wide range of libraries that Avax has to offer. Contact Avax to see which units are compatible with Compaq/Tandem

Display Features

Unique display functionality allows the user to be constantly aware of how the tape device is performing at any given moment.

A backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) provides the user with performance information, configuration selections, diagnostic and special menus. During tape activity, the LCD shows current tape drive operation, a bar graph tracking tape capacity and other items such as total data transferred, average transfer rate, compression ratio, ECC rate percentage, remaining tape capacity and rewrite percentage.  When you enter the configuration, diagnostic and utility menus, the LCD presents a series of items to choose from and instructions to follow.  These are achieved using the mode switch in conjunction with the instruction for each particular item.

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