Disk based backup appliances , disk based alternative to tape, disk-to-disk-to-tape with de-duplication, standalone disk based tape emulators,  Idealstor Bantam removable disk backup system,   Tandberg standalone removable disk units, enterprise class tape libraries with removable RAID disk or the Spectra nTier Family - Avax offers you the choice!


DPU Family of backup appliances and remote storage vaults


Avax provides integrated appliances that get you back in business fast after a loss of data or the failure of a critical server.  These rapid data-recovery systems deliver everything a small to mid-sized enterprise or departmental IT group needs to ensure full business systems continuity - with AES encryption for security and adaptice deduplication to save time and space.

Comprehensive data protection involves both local and offsite capabilities.  We provide redundant layers of protection, including our LAN-based Data Protection Units™, removable disks for near-line archiving, and electronic, media-less, offsite protection for all your data and systems through our Data Protection Vaults™  or Vault to Cloud option.  Together, these business systems continuity appliances give you true disaster recovery solutions, and represent business continuity best practices.

And we do it with efficiency, power and style.  Our Data Protection Units™ and Data Protection Vaults™ provide the industry’s best user interface, and industrial-strength AES 256-bit encryption for the ultimate in data protection and security.

Vault to Cloud Option

All DPU units now offer the option of "Vault to Cloud",  a cloud-based optional off-premise disaster recovery service that complements the data protection of the on-premise appliances for our customers who want disaster recovery but do not want to own and operate their own dedicated off-premise vaulting appliances. For only $0.49 per GigaByte per month. you can choose to have your vital data electronically duplicated at a secure SAS 70 certified facility.

We offer features that allow our customers to take advantage of quickly getting their on-premise appliances protected off-site and that allow those customers to quickly recover their data in the case of a disaster via next-day shipping with a “reduplicated” replacement appliance.

For more details on the DPU and DPV, please see the DPU/DPV web page

For more details on the "Vault to Cloud" option, please see the Vault to Cloud page

Teralyte – Finally, an Alternative to Tape Backup

The easy introduction to disk based backup for SMBs.  Units are available as standalone single or dual ejectable drives, complete with Windows backup software; or as multi-bay backup appliances.   All units can be used with Idealstor's iBac backup software or most of the popular backup packages currently available, so you can move to disk based backup simply by replacing your tape device with an Idealstor Ejectable Disk Backup.

All units use non-proprietary SATA disks which the user can install into the Idealstor cannisters.

Terlyte 1000
Teralyte2000 Rack Mount
          • True SMB Disk to Disk backup solution
          • Use removable disk in place of tape
          • Attaches directly to your server or backup server
          • Works with your existing backup software
          • Teralyte2000
          • Includes FREE iBac data protection software 
          • Award winning Paragon® software offered at attractive prices
          • Speed of disk with portability of tape
          • Available in 1, 2 or 4 drive configurations
          • Capacities up to 16TB
          • Affordable and scalable D2D backup

For more information on the Teralyte units, please download a copy of the data sheet.

Idealstor Backup Appliance

One Bay Backup ApplianceBackup Appliance

The Idealstor SATA Backup Appliance combines the speed of SATA disks with the portability of tape by using disk media for both backup and offsite storage.  Idealstor SATA uses any capacity or make of
SATA disk as locally attached backup media.  These disks can then be left in the system for nearline access and local storage or they can be physically removed, like a tape and be used for offsite storage and disaster recovery.  

  • Windows Operating System appliance that becomes the host for the backup software as well as the target for storage and backup jobs.
  • Backup using 1-8 ejectable bays providing  capacities up to 32TB.   Any capacity SATA disk can be used to deliver a solution targeted to your backup needs.
  • Disks are prepared for safe removal using hardware, software and the supplied protective caddy and carrying case.
  • Data can be replicated to the other disks in system or physically removed to be taken offsite for backup and disaster recovery.
  • Ships with up to 8 licences of the award winning Drive Backup Server software from Paragon Software
  • Backup speeds up to 300MB/second per disk over the network and even faster when performing restores.  Multiple backups can be run simultaneously.

For more information on the Idealstor Backup range of Appliance units, please download a copy of the data sheet.

FRANKENAS multi-functional appliance

The FrankeNAS is a multi-functional appliance that uses half of its 4U capacity as a RAID 5 Array of drives with capacities up to 4.65 TB of storage. The other half of the unit is configured with up to 4 removable drive bays allowing for any capacity SATA2 drive providing up to 7.44 TB (Formated Capacity) of removable storage. This device allows backup administrators an all in one appliance where they schedule their backup jobs to run to the RAID 5 array for online storage and then offload that data to the removable drives to physically take that data offsite for storage and compliance.

The FrankeNAS can be configured with up to 4.65 TB (Formated Capacity) of RAID5 storage and up to 7.44 TB (Formated Capacity) of backup using 1-4 Idealstor removable Drives.

For more information on the Idealstor FrankeNAS, please download a copy of the data sheet.

Tandberg Data - hardware deduplication

DPS2000 SeriesDPS2000 NAS

Tandberg Data's DPS2000TM family of Network Attached Storage (NAS) units is a flexible, powerful, affordable disk system that provides simple file sharing, consolidated iSCSI storage and data protection for SMBs.

With an easy-to-use Web browser, the DPS2000 Series installs quickly and provides cross-platform network storage for safe, effective storing, sharing and protecting of business-critical data. The DPS2000 Series ensures optimum data preservation and disaster recovery for all business needs in a single system. Its block-level remote replication provides offsite storage to another DPS2000. Its innovative hot-swap design provides full data redundancy, allowing the DPS2000 to operate even when a failed drive or power supply is replaced. And powerful host-based deduplication software increases storage capacity while reducing backup and recovery time.

Deduplication is provided by the AccuGuard™ data protection software, which delivers reliable, automated backup and recovery utilizing a powerful data deduplication engine which is designed to increase your effective storage capacity, allowing you to store 20 times more data. AccuGuard optimizes the data at the source resulting in a drastically improved backup windows and reduced network bandwidth usage.

For more detailed information, please see:

DPS2040 - 4TB Desktop

DPS2140 - 4TB Rackmount

DPS2142 - 8TB Rackmount


Tandberg Data virtual tape library

DPS1000 Series VTLDPS1000 series virtual tape library

By using high-performance, cost-effective disk storage to emulate a traditional tape library, the DPS1000 Series VTL optimizes performance of data management operations, providing almost immediate access to data and dramatically reducing backup and recovery time.  The DPS1000 series does not offer deduplication - instead it uses 10 to 1 Lempel-Ziv Dynamic Data Compression where each virtual cartridge is compressed up to 10-1 and tuned to be archived to physical tape.  The DPS compression is executed "on the fly" during the write of the DPS Vtape.

The intuitive management, secure seamless integration, and scalability of the DPS1000 Series VTL are features not currently found in Virtual Tape Libraries and Disk-to-Disk solutions.
  • The next generation of virtual tape in a simple, cost-effective data protection solution
  • DPS1000 - Usable Capacity of 2.13TB (RAID 5), (3TB raw)
  • DPS1200 - Usable Capacity of 5.16TB (RAID 5), (6TB raw)
  • Capacities scalable up to 39TB (48TB raw)
  • Supports up to 100 host connections 
  • Dynamic Data Reduction offers up to 10:1 compression ratio
  • Seamless integration with Tandberg tape library for long term archiving to tape
  • 1 year warranty, 1 year onsite service (5x9xNBD)
The DPS1000 series works with your existing software, so implementation is quick and easy.

For more information on the DPS1000 series VTL, please download a copy of the datasheet

SPECTRA nTIER Family of Products


The easy way to add disk-to-disk-to-tape to your current backup system. The nTier unit provides tape library emulation and interim high speed backup before the de-duplicated data is archived to tape.  Use your existing tape library and backup software while gaining the speed and advantages of disk-to-disk backup and rapid restores.

Spectra nTier 300
Select from :
  • Spectra nTier 300 Server
  • Spectra nTier 500 ServerSpectra nTier 500
  • Spectra nTier 700 Server
  • Spectra nTier with Deduplication
  • Spectra nTier with DPM
  • Spectra nTier File Migrator
providing:Spectra nTier 700
  • Flexibility and applications to protect and archive your data
  • Ease of configuration & Management using the Bluescale management interface
  • Ease of maintenance with hot-swap disk in hot blade
  • Extra Protection: Raid 6: double protection with double parity
  • Ease of use: Ethernet connectivity to host environmentDeduplication Logo
  • Scalibility: grow from 4TB to 400+ TB
  • Effeciency: High Density and Low Power Use: intelligent power conservation

For more information on the Spectra nTier family of products, please download a copy of the data sheet

For more information on the Spectra nTier with Deduplication, please download a copy of the data sheet

For Windows backup software with deduplication, please click here

Idealstor - Ejectable Disk Backup

Idealstor - Ejectable Disk Backup

Low cost removable disk backup system


Low cost easy to install removable disk backup Combining the best of disk and tape, the Bantam uses 2.5” SATA disks as backup media which can then be sent offsite for storage and disaster recovery. Starting at only $199.00 (USD) the Bantam is priced to fit the budget of any SMB yet is reliable enough to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprise.

The Idealstor Bantam is designed to attach directly to any server or desktop. The Bantam is a fast, rugged and reliable system that is ideal for backup, archive, data movement and disaster recovery. It provides blazing performance and fast access to your data. Transfer rates of up to 480 MB/s with disk cartridges of 320GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB (larger systems are available to backup more than 1TB of data). Extended maintenance, USB3 controllers and multi-disk packs are also available.

Bantam disk backup cartridgesEach Bantam ships with iBac Lite Data Protection Software. iBac Lite offers native format backup, file level data de-duplication, drag and drop restore. The Bantam also ships with Idealstor’s removable disk management utility – IDM. IDM takes the guess work out of swapping disk media and makes backing up to removable disk as easy as any tape backup solution.

Connection is via USB3 (backwards compatible to USB2) which offers easy installation and blazing performance.  For systems without USB3, we offer inexpensive USB3 controllers.

For more information, please download a copy of the data sheet or contact your Avax sales representative.


For SMB (Small to Medium Business) customers who are looking for a low cost alternative to tape backup:

Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor Removable Disk
  • Easy to use - Plug-and-Play Setup, Drag-and-Drop File TransferTandberg RDS removable disk
  • Rugged and Portable go anywhere disk cartridges
  • Fast 126 GB/hour
  • Flexible - Use second hard drive, archive or backup
  • Scalable - 300GB, 160GB, 120GB 80GB and 40GB cartridge options
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Includes Symantec Backup Exec QuickStart Edition
  • USB or SATA interfaceRDX QuikStor now with 300GB
  • Internal or external units available
RDX offers a choice of internal SATA or external USB 2.0 docking bays for easy setup, and removable disk cartridges of 300GB, 160GB, 120GB 80GB and 40GB native capacities for ultimate flexibility.

Each RDX QuikStor removable disk cartridge is a self-contained, write protection capable hard drive that can be accessed in seconds using any RDX docking bay and your computer. Transport your removable disk cartridges without worry, knowing that they can be inserted up to 5000 times and dropped 1 meter on to hard surfaces while protecting your data.

Compatible with all major backup software applications, RDX drives can be used like a conventional backup system or without software in the drag-and-drop fashion of conventional hard drives.

For more information on RDX, please download a copy of the data sheet


RXT<sup>TM</sup> Sabre D150
If you just want to add a removable disk array unit that will appear to your existing backup software as a standard tape drive, we offer the RXT™ Sabre D150 .  Requiring less than a square foot of desk space,  the D150 lets you add terabytes of RAID to your data center, with no strategy changes or extra hardware or software.

RXT Sabre D350
If you prefer the flexibility of disk and tape in the same unit, we have the RXT™ Sabre D350 .  The RXT SabreDrive D350 gives you enormous flexibility in 2U of rack space. The SabreDrive D350 supports up to three drives — three SabreDrives or some combination of tape drives and SabreDrives. With the SabreDrive D350, you can add terabytes of RAID to your data center, with no strategy changes or extra hardware or software.

T950 Enterprise library

And, finally, if you want an enterprise class library that will allow you to mix tape and RAID disk, we offer the T950 library - a world-class enterprise tape and disk automation solution. For data backup and recovery, this elite library leads the field in cost-effective innovation--from the greatest storage density to the first true integration of disk in an automated library. The T950 library is the best of breed, and with its lowest cost of ownership, is also the best deal for your data center.

Please click on one of the links above to find out more about these innovative solutions, or contact your Avax sales representative to find out more.

Avax has backup solutions suitable for everything from a single system to an entire enterprise. Call us today for more information.

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