Protocol Converters and Bridges

Protocol converters and bridges are a way to allow you to connect legacy hardware to more modern systems - or Legacy systems to modern hardware. Whether you need to simply connect an HVD SCSI device to an LVD host (or vice versa) or need to connect your existing SCSI tape library to a new fibre network, Avax has the solution that you need.

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iSCSI to SAS (Serial attached SCSI)
Pertec -> SCSI


Our family of SCSI<>iSCSI bridges allow you to quickly and easily connect  legacy SCSI storage devices to an iSCSI network.  We also offer SCSI to iSCSI to allow a host system that may not support the iSCSI protocol to connect directly to an iSCSI network.

For more information on iSCSI to SCSI, please click here

For more information on SCSI to iSCSI, please click here


We offer both entry level and enterprise class fibre-SCSI bridges to allow you to use SCSI interface storage devices on a fibre network.  As with the iSCSI units, we also provide bridges to allow the conncention of a SCSI based host system to a fibre network.

For more information on Fibre to SCSI, please click here

For SCSI host to fibre, please click here

iSCSI to SAS (Serial Attached SCSI)

The ESAS2800 iSCSI to SAS bridge allows you the quickly and easily attach SAS peripheral devices to an iSCSI network.

For more information on iSCSI to SAS, please click here

SCSI - Pertec

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Avax Magnetic Tape Replacement

Avax now offers tape emulation units with SCSI or Pertec interface that write to "Flash Memory" cards as the media instead of tapes.  

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The Avax Pertec to SCSI interface is designed to allow a modern, high capacity SCSI interface tape drive to interface directly to the manufacturer supplied interface on any system that currently supports a standard Formatted Pertec interface drive.

This interface is available:

  • as a board level product
  • as a standalone unit with power supply and cables
  • or integrated into a complete sub-system including tape drive, disk drive or flash tape unit.


Avax LVD<>HVD converters provide an easy way to connect a modern LVD SCSI controller to an HVD device, or an HVD controller to an LVD device.

Controllers are available as just a board for integration by the end user, or as standalone devices with power supply and connectors to enable quick and easy connection to the host system and device.

For more information on our LVD<>HVD converters, please download a copy of the data sheet.

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