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SSAS4800  SCSI to SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) Bridge

FCS2400 fibre-SCSI bridgeA high performance, cost effective SCSI to
SAS bridge

Product Features:
  •  8 x 3Gb SAS ports
  • 4 x Ultra 160 SCSI Ports
  • Up to 256 Targets
  • Non-Blocking CacheSSAS4800 SCSI to SAS bridge
  • Low Power Design
  • Intuitive GUI Interface


The SSAS4800 Bridge enables SCSI based Servers to connect to SAS enabled storage devices.

Many legacy Servers installed and employed in day-today work are unable to support the SAS protocol due to either the cost of upgrade the server hardware and or the Operating System.  As the storage industry rapidly moves from SCSI SAS as the protocol of choice for direct connect devices, it becomes harder and harder to find replacements for existing devices or to expand the current infrastructure.

With the SSAS4800 it is now possible to connect these SCSI based server to an SAS based storage device in a simple and cost effective way. By placing the SSAS4800 device between the SCSI interface and the SAS storage devices, legacy servers can enjoy the benefits of SAS without any changes to the hardware, operating system or applications.


SAS Ports:
2 x 4 channel Mini SAS
Auto Negotiation 1.5 / 3Gb

SCSI  Ports:

4 x Ultra160 68 Way VHDLC, Auto sensing N, F, W, Ultra80, Ultra160

19 “ 1U Rack Mount
Voltage: 110-230V AC
Power Cons: 25W (aprox)

For fibre-SCSI bridges, please see our FCS4200 enterprise class bridge

For iSCSI-SCSI, please see our ES1100 and ES2400

For SCSI to iSCSI, please see  our SE1100 and SE2400 units.

For more details on the SSAS4800, please download a copy of the datasheet

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