iSCSI to Fibre Channel Bridge

Quickly and easily attach ethernet iSCSI to Fibre Channel 

NEW!  For 10Gb iSCSI to 8Gb Fibre Channel, please see our EFC102200 bridge.

Product Features:EFC200 iSCSI to Fibre Channel bridge
  • 2 x 1Gb Ethernet Ports 
  • 2 x 4Gb fibre channel ports
  • Up to 16,000 Initiators  
  • Non-Blocking Cache 
  • Low Power Design 
  • Error Recovery Level 2 
  • iSNS 
  • Jumbo Packet Support
  • Multipath I/O  
  • GUI Interface

The EFC2200 iSCSI to Fibre Channel Bridge is a high performance protocol bridge for connecting iSCSI based Servers to Fibre Channel enabled peripherals such as Disks, Tape Drives, Tape Libraries and Optical devices.

The EFC2200 is housed in an industry standard 1U 19” rack mount enclosure with integral power supplies and cooling.  Connectivity to the IP Network is via 2 auto-sensing 1Gb Ethernet ports that can detect the network connection speed, whilst the Fibre Channel Network is connected via 2 4Gb auto-sensing ports.

Managing and installing the EFC2200 could not be easier with its inbuilt intuitive GUI that is easy to use and provides the user with on screen help where necessary.

Key Advantages

Total Flexibility The need to have separate peripherals for both iSCSI and Fibre Channels SANs no longer applies when deploying the EFC2200. With the EFC2200, any Fibre Channel device can be accessed from the iSCSI SAN appearing as though it was part of the iSCSI SAN.

The EFC2200 has many unique features to maximise performance and ensure your data is transferred to the peripheral devices in the shortest possible
time. With its load balancing MPIO* enabled Ethernet ports and two 4Gb Fibre Channel ports in combination with its unique non-blocking data cache
module the EFC2200 provides industry leading performance.
Ensuring that your data reaches its final destination is important these days with tight backup windows. With Error Recovery Level 2 support, the EFC2200 can continue to receive data even if one of the Ethernet connections is disconnected.
Ease of Use
With every increasing pressure on IT staff, there is less time to spend on learning and managing new products and therefore, it is critical that new products are intuitive and easy to use. Avax works closely with its customers to ensure this is always the case. 
The EFC2200 uses the latest power supply technologies with typical efficiencies of 95%, which minimise electrical power consumption and heat output. 

*MPIO – Multipath Input-Output

Ethernet Ports
Connection - 2 x 1Gbe RJ45
Speed - Auto-sensing 10/100/1000Mb/s
Error Recovery - ERL0, ERL1, ERL2
Maximum Packet Size - 16Kb
Maximum Initiators -16,000
Standards - IPv4, iSCSI, iSNS, CHAP, DHCP

Fibre Channel Ports
Connection - 2x 4Gb SFP NL_port, FL_port, F_port, N-port
Speed - Auto-sensing 1/2/4Gb/s
Maximum Block Size - 1MB


19 “ 1U Rack Mount
Voltage: 110-230V AC
Power Cons: 25W (aprox)

For 10Gb iSCSI to 8Gb Fibre Channel, please see our EFC102200 bridge

For fibre-SCSI bridges, please see our  FCS2400 enterprise class bridge

For Fibre Channel to iSCSI, please see our FCE2200 bridge

For iSCSI-SCSI bridges, please see our Potomac iSCSI bridge

For more details on the EFC2200, please download a copy of the datasheet

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